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Yemelyan Pavlov
Yemelyan Pavlov

Sexy Girl (2665) Mp4 _BEST_

ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST - ROLE PLAY. I would like a video always similar to the last one we made. This time you in the role of a sexy psychologist and he will be your patient who, having a strong fetish for socks and feet, will subject him to a very interesting therapy. The outfit is fine as in the last video in (seductive secretary) only that instead of the shirt I would like you to wear an open white coat. And also the red nail polish on the feet like it drives me crazy. For the beginning of the video, I would like him to arrive and sit down in front of you both on 2 armchairs, you start the conversation holding a notebook and a pen just like a real psychologist, and while you talk to him about your fetish, you cross your legs and move the foot attracting his attention. Obviously he will notice all your splendor and start staring at your legs and feet and getting very excited at that point when you realize he's going crazy you take off a heel and place your foot on the crotch of his trousers and start rubbing your foot, he will start going crazy and then he'll start sniffing your feet and kissing your legs. Throughout the video seduce him with the usual phrases that I like. I sent you 2 small videos as an example for the positions to do but you can improvise as you like. I rely on your great professionalism. For the cumshot refer to the photo with number 3. The duration is fine 10 minutes. I would very much like the patient to call him Davide and that for the cumshot you make him come with your cock between your feet and that it is very abundant!

Sexy Girl (2665) mp4

ENGLISH SPEAKINGMy slave has spent yet another Valentine's Day of his life in solitude. By now he has understood that because of his tiny penis he will never be able to have a woman. The only purpose of his life is to serve me, his only Mistress. He paid for all my Valentine's fun, so I give him two rewards: my boyfriend's cum-filled panties, and the chance to cum after a month of chastity. I'll make him squirt all over my sexy stockings, but I'll ruin his orgasm three times! 041b061a72


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