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Amiibo Wii U Best Buy

The release trends for amiibo waves have varied per territory, though it's arguably been the most chaotic in North America, with formal release dates coming at late notice and plenty of instances where stock has vanished as quickly as it's supposedly arrived. Those planning on hunting down a Best Buy-exclusive Meta Knight in the US need to be on alert, in that case.

amiibo wii u best buy

Those with a pre-order for the figure have had a placeholder date for a fair amount of time, but updates have now been sent out confirming a 20th February arrival of the toy. This makes perfect sense, as this ties in with the release of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse - the Kirby, Meta Knight and King Dedede amiibo will all affect gameplay in the title.

"Additional stock - assuming there is some" is a phrase that shouldn't even be a reality on something that's not even released yet. Nintendo's bizarre handling (staggered and mysterious launch dates, secrecy on whether certain amiibo will ever be made available again, etc) of a product that people clearly want to buy is mindboggling.

Not one I'm personally interested in, but I hate how Nintendo is releasing their amiibo in NA... I asked a guy at EB games about when the third wave was coming in aside from bowser and he said that the rest were pre-order only and were unavailable now.

I've seen at least one person have the inability to get amiibos, the ridiculous speed that Majora's Mask Collectors Edition sell out and again with Majora's Mask 3DS that it's kind if been the straw that broke the camel's back and he ended up walking away from Nintendo all together.

Really hope I get one! Best Buy opens during classes as usual, dang it. Not like I expected any different. Going to have to hope to get my parents to go looking when the store opens or something. I miss the days when Nintendo did a lot of their releases on Sundays. What ever happened to that? For limited releases like the MM XL on Friday and amiibo, it really screws over any students or people with early work hours

I thought the whole point of exclusivity to a store was getting customers INTO your store. Kind of defeats the purpose when you sell them all online with pre-orders.@sinalefa looking around eBay, this is almost what I'm tempted to do. Just buy the rare ones from overseas. I'm not a fan of pre-ordering, I like going to stores on release day and beating the crowds. But the way amiibo is being handled there is just no hope.

@MailOrderNinja I'd find it extremely out of character for Nintendo to section off content that would have been in the game otherwise. I've never seen them sell content that should have been included before, and I don't think Fire Emblem characters would have come free and standard with every copy without amiibo. It's a completely separate franchise, so I find it a little unreasonable to expect they would have been in the game otherwise.

That's one thing I like about Nintendo- I can always trust that I'm getting a full game. Idk, I think people are taking the amiibo toy craze a little too seriously IMO. We were enjoying our games just fine before amiibo, so Idk why anyone would think they need them to enjoy games now.

@JaxonH I do agree that people are getting out of hand with amiibo and previously I was fine with the stuff they were doing: a costume unlock or the pointless FP thing for Smash. However, what we are talking about are characters that are playable and actually directly affect gameplay and for figures that have proven incredibly difficult to get a hold of to boot. On top of that the people making Steam made Fire Emblem so I could certainly see them being some neat unlock able side content, perhaps even cheap side DLC. As it stands it's like charging $13 a character and then making it an extremely limited item to purchase. Let's be honest, if MS or Sony pulled this people would be ripping them apart.

I really don't think Nintendo is in the business of sectioning off content. And while yes, it certainly wouldn't surprise me to have seen FE characters included, I think they've earned the benefit of the doubt considering their immaculate record of not sectioning content in the past. They are the FE devs, but they've never included cross-franchise content in any of their dozen+ previous games, so I must assume that this was indeed above and beyond what they had originally planned. I imagine Nintendo has approached all dev teams, and specifically asked them to come up with additional amiibo content. With this being a new IP and FE being hot right now, this was most likely their solution.

I can appreciate amiibos being hard to find, but hot product sells out all the time- Wii U for a month, PS4 for 6 months, even the new 3DS. So I think it just comes with the territory. They said they're reprinting Marth, and releasing cards. But even if they didn't, it was all extra content anyways, albeit substantial.

@JaxonH Fair enough. I'm really more playing devils advocate as like I said I was buying them anyway and consider it an awesome bonus. My big hang up isn't just that they sell fast, but the items you listed were available for preorder for a substantial time so people who knew they wanted it bad could get in on it. With amiibos selling out in minutes online with preorders no less it all seems a tad engineered and more than just a hot item.

Resellers are a nightmare for these, b/c they're greedy. I usually don't need to say "in my opinion", since commenting is an expression of one's thoughts, but I am in this comment for clarity that I'm speaking my opinion, not factually. There's nothing wrong w/ reselling amiibo, &/or purchasing amiibo en mass, provided you don't resell them @ a ridiculous price. Considering amiibos are $12(which means they cost even less to manufacture, Nintendo is willing to sell them @ even profits, or @ a loss), a good price point is $20 max plus realistic S&H(shipping, & handling), say $5-10, though I prefer $5. When/if ever amiibo is done its retail shelf life, & no longer the current thing, then I will be ok w/ selling them more like a collectable, but still realistically($30-50 max). This is how I feel, whether I am the buyer, or seller. Make a profit, but still make the product realistically, & financially accessable.

Sigh I missed the preorder window... ugh I'm going to have to start importing these things. I swear after the smash line ends I'm out. This is too stressful. But I just got a call that my Mega Man amiibo came in! w00t!

More cheery news coming out of the amiibo world: Dark Pit will be exclusive to Best Buy. Instead of having the opportunity to snag him at one of five (or so) retailers, you have to deal with The Big Yellow Price Tag.

If you missed out on the amiibos you wanted today at your local store, you can try Amazon, but make sure to follow their ordering instructions and time intervals. Also, I previously ordered a Japanese marked Pac-Man from Amazon, and I can report that it works just fine with our United States Wii U.

Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge is a downloadable game for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS systems. It was released in Japan on January 28, 2016, and was released in April 2016 internationally, making it the only installment so far in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series to not be released in North America first. In the United States, it was available for early access between March 25, 2016 and April 27, 2016, with the purchase of any amiibo figure at Amazon, Best Buy, or GameStop. It is the seventh installment in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series and the first to feature amiibo support.[1] New toys are featured in the game, such as Mini Rosalina, Mini Bowser, Mini Bowser Jr., Mini Yoshi, Mini Diddy Kong, and Mini Spek, while returning toys include Mini Mario, Mini Luigi, Mini Donkey Kong, Mini Peach, and Mini Toad.[2][3][4] The Wii U version of this title requires 318.6 MB to be installed, and the 3DS version requires 2,338 blocks. However, the game was later removed from the Wii U and 3DS eShop services after their discontinuation on March 27, 2023, making it no longer possible for players to purchase the game, but players who purchased the title before this date can still play it as long as any version is on their Wii U device, their 3DS device, or both.

The main game is largely similar to previous installments in the series, in that the player controls a Mini Toy trying to reach the end of the stage. By scanning a compatible Mario series-related amiibo, the player can receive the corresponding toy to play as, while the Mini Spek is received by scanning any other amiibo. Each Mini Toy (with the exception of the Mini Spek) has a special ability that allows it to clear stages easier. At the end of each stage, players are given a score based on their performance, and by clearing it with a high enough score, the player earns a Gold Trophy for that stage. Instead of a regular level selection screen like in previous games, the player now navigates a New Super Mario Bros.-styled map with the chosen Mini figure. Another difference is that the player only has to guide a single Mini to the end of each stage, unlike in other games where multiple had to be managed in order to complete a level.

Within certain main stages are amiibo Doors, which can only be accessed by the corresponding character on the door and unlock special stages themed around that character. Some stages also feature amiibo Tokens, which do not work in any other game and can only be obtained by using the abilities of the amiibo on the token.

In addition to the main stages in the game, there are also worlds themed around each character toy that can be unlocked by clearing certain stages via an amiibo Door, which can only be accessed by using the amiibo that corresponds with the character's icon shown on it.[5]

Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge is based on the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series. Enjoy this fast-paced puzzle game where you can manipulate the environment with the Touch Screen to safely guide your character past various environmental hazards and enemies to the level exit.If you have an amiibo (sold separately), you can play ingenious puzzles that require super-quick wits and fast reflexes to beat. Your aim is to guide the clockwork Mini Toys towards the Goal Door in each stage, using the Nintendo 3DS Touch Screen to position all sorts of items, such as Girders, lifts and springs to help them on their way. Mini Toys will keep on moving automatically, so plan the safest route possible and use every tool at your disposal to stop them from falling into traps - or into the clutches of enemies! 041b061a72


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